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PhotoGregor - 2014-03-20 12:20:47 -

These places are very intriguing. Fully professional photos, greet!

Malwi - 2014-02-22 20:31:24 -

Great pictures which take us to the places where we will never be able to see. I follow your page since 4-5 years and still waiting for more pictures and more information about abandoned places, I also have some pictures deserte places in Montenegro and Croatia :)

Malwina - 2013-12-23 20:40:14 -

Great site, beautiful pictures but also an amazing look at these unique locations. Many thanks for your work.

Franck - 2013-07-13 23:11:30 -

I would never go there. It is a place that has a terrible history and where a lot of people died or suffered from the consequences. I doubt that it is healthy to be there even if it is only for a short time. Even though nobody ever should forget about what can happen by using this kind of energy.

anasasy - 2013-05-13 01:57:27 -

Hey Hey . I love older Buldings and with your Photos you tucht my Soul. I never seen such beautiful pictures and objects before.Lucky Guy. anasasy

Kenny - 2013-03-28 10:19:31 -

Great pictures. Thanx for showing your view. I like it. Seeya Kenny

guillaume - 2013-03-03 16:30:42 -

bravo pour les photos, tu as du courage et merci pour ton site internet continue

Stefan Beaudet - 2013-02-13 17:33:04 -

Thank you for this wonderful website. I'm very curious about Chernobyl so I enjoyed your work. I still can't beleive that people are still living and working there. Their health is at risk.

Gilbert Hoste - 2013-01-23 16:26:13 -

Gruwel, krachtig in beeld gebracht. Klasse. G.H

Temizlik Malzemeleri - 2013-01-18 12:35:41 -

Great job on your writing! Love it much that I can't really resist to read every word! Thanks!

Kenny - 2012-12-30 13:28:08 -

Wicked page you have. I love it. Great pictures to see. Keep going. Seeya Kenny

Kenny - 2012-12-30 13:21:25 -

Wicked page you have. I love it. Great pictures to see. Keep going. Seeya Kenny

Kenny - 2012-12-29 16:28:02 -

Great Page. I love it. Thanx for sharing your view. Seeya Kenny

Naimina - 2012-11-08 23:51:07 -

I wanna thank you for creating this amazing website, and for venturing into the buildings in Pripyat. I also hope you´re okay after your visits.

Birgit Vandeweerdt - 2012-11-03 11:47:16 -

Heel mooi werk!

Ferdi - 2012-10-05 07:40:42 -

Net je "press"-gedeelte zitten kijken. Heel leuk om te zien. Ook gaaf om te zien dat jij in 2006 ergens naar binnen gaat (Binch) en ik deze in 2012 gezien heb. Nog steeds leeg.. heel leeg. Top website.

Eric - 2012-09-19 11:17:02 -

A most excellent site, sir, and your photography is beautiful. It's one of the best accounts of visiting the zone I've ever seen.

Aurelie - 2012-09-06 22:44:45 -

Des photos extraordinaires dans une ambiance pesante, poignante et désespérée, l'effet final est bouleversant. Il faut un regard et une sensibilité bien particulière pour capter certaines de ces images. Bravo, et merci pour ce voyage.

Louise - 2012-08-24 21:18:57 -

Your photos are phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing these! :)

Kim R - 2012-05-31 19:33:55 -

I love your photo's but don't see that you comment here very often. It would be nice to hear from the originator of the photo's. Do you ever put in captions under the photo's so those of us (like me for the USA) know where they've been taken?

Kim R - 2012-05-31 19:30:24 -

Just wanted to say that your site has been, by far the BEST I've found for pictures and various information. I hope that you haven't been too effected by the elements there with both your visits. Hoping that you still check your comments on the pictures and your guestbook. This is quite an awesome site for Pripyat and Chernobyl information and pictures. What a sad, sad time.

Armin Koelbli - 2012-05-18 02:17:33 -

I was in Chernobyl in 1999 and installed an egg-sculpture in Ivankiv. Inside: Letters and messages from people around the world. The egg must not be opened before 3000.04.26 See also;

Sora - 2012-05-05 07:31:50 -

The ferris wheel looks so desolate.. I never forget about that photograph.

Midas - 2012-03-29 09:08:56 -

Bonjour, Je suis moi-même un vétéran des essais nucléaires français.Cancer à 46 ans, pathologie qui se déclare plutôt à la l'age de 28 ans, alors... Photos saisissantes, c'est assez effrayant, ça me fait penser vraiment au jeu sur pc "STALKER" Contamination durée maxi 200000 ans !! Wait and see.

keksxp - 2012-02-15 14:29:32 -

hi, this is a really great website and I love your photographs which show that beauty even can be found at such a place what is scaring for most people. I like the special spirit of such places.

Fuat - 2012-02-14 18:16:50 -

Beautiful site, thanks

Marv - 2012-01-29 14:20:53 -

damn ..pefect fhotos can you add some more =D

Gwynhwyfar - 2012-01-06 04:57:58 -

Do you always wear the gas mask, with all the pigeon sheisse, toxic, peeling paint and other nasty things in the air? I would.

Karin - 2011-11-10 14:14:48 -

De film heeft mij enorm aangegrepen. De foto's op de website geven niet alleen een beeld maar wekken ook gevoelens op. Prachtig gedaan.

NDC Webmaster - 2011-10-19 20:18:48 -

Mooi werk!

Angela - 2011-10-19 06:39:44 -

An Ex-US Navy Nuke says thank you for your dedication to providing the history of a horrible day. We must continue to learn from this unfortunate accident to prevent it from happening again.

Harold - 2011-10-11 23:51:56 -

Amazing photographs. Thanks.

Laurie - 2011-07-31 07:58:54 -

Thank you for sharing your work in Chernobyl. I was a teenager when this disaster happened and didn't have as much interest in it as I do now. I'm still in awe how things look there after all of this time. Stay safe and keep up the great work.

clay marion - 2011-06-27 04:05:05 -

Beautiful site! Thanks for sharing your work. Very inspirational.

Alex Gann - 2011-06-19 05:12:59 -

Awesome work! Thanks so much for sharing. Good luck and keep up with the great work!

Thomas Benoni - 2011-06-18 08:47:49 -

Hello! Your website is very impressive best regards

Jana - 2011-06-17 01:02:35 -

Amazing web-site sincerely, Jana

jeal - 2011-06-09 13:31:31 -

I must say: you take great great pictures love your work ! you inspire me :)

Joyce - 2011-05-20 09:49:40 -

WOW your photos are brilliant and the site is very good. best wishes joyce

Kirsty - 2011-05-03 18:25:11 -

Thierry, your photography of this scarred and haunted place is simply beautiful. I've been alternately sad and cheered looking through your website today. There is hope, even here. Thank you, Kirsty

Etienne Mueller - 2011-04-30 11:14:31 -

Most impressive pictures ! Wow, I spent not less than a half day to see your pictures and really put myself to Tschernobyl. Note: 10 month later was a another disaster near Basel (Switzerland), a big explosion in the chemical industry with (Schweizerhalle). So I was part of this disaster and I can at least a little bit comprehend the panic the humans were involved to, at the catastrophe of Tschernobyl. It's really scary.

subotek - 2011-04-28 00:22:37 -

good work there, didnt see it all yet, you're up for a lot more visits :) take care

Charles Smith - 2011-04-27 01:45:25 -

Thanks for the excellent read and pictures..

Nic - 2011-04-26 11:23:47 -

En toch bouwen ze in NL nog een nieuwe...

JOHN BRADLEY - 2011-04-08 02:31:38 -

nice pictures, thanks

mike - 2011-04-07 12:49:52 -

Really nice pictures! Don't know why but i always an attraction to abandoned places! They have some form of "magic"! Make i trip to Chernobyl is something i want and i will some day! Greetings from Greece!

mina - 2011-04-07 00:16:39 -

Dear Thierry! What else can i tell you.. everybody wrote something special and all are true!.. Thanks 4 sharing this to the world.. please keep on taking pics of this type to the people's knowledge. I really LOVE your work, amazing pics and very emotive. I hope your health doesnt get affected and have a lot of success in your life ;) Greetings from Panama ("the bridge of the word")

Thomas - 2011-03-31 14:15:14 -

Amazing content, absolutely love the pictures you took, they have so much to tell... Hope one day to go there too, it's so fascinating. Must be amazing to stand there and imagine what went on... Greets from Belgium.

luca marchesini - 2011-03-27 16:50:13 -

great work indeed. I'd like to go someday and yours photos really give the idea of what happened there and how is now the only place in the heart where humans disappeared from a second to another without coming back after.

Kit - 2011-03-23 04:27:59 -

I just want to say thank you for sharing this site. Life had new meaning when you got home from there didn't it? Wow!

Sam - 2011-03-23 00:59:27 -

Nice website. I wonder who made it ;-)

Jhay Angeles - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

i really enjoy surfing your site. because right now nuclear meltdown is a very big issue because of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explosion in Japan that is very serious because they say that it can lead to as worst as the Chernobyl Meltdown in 1986. Your work is very excellent I really want to visit Chernobyl but I know its impossible but because of your work somehow I have felt visiting the place I really wanted to visit. And a plus for me that you are so cute. LOL. Thanks dude. Hope to be in touch with you to personally hear from you your experience in Chernobyl. :)

Henrik Gønge - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great page, and truly beautiful pictures! Found your page through, and glad I did. :) Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

Selkie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Incredible and moving photography, almost beyond words. The places depicted resound with abandon despair. We can almost visualize the places we call "home", our retreats, our daily lives, falling into these states of decay. Will our own world look this way one day? How fragile our existence and our world.

Gesa - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hi! a very breathtaking website! you are a very talented photographer with a good eye for details and composition! :)
even if someone call me insane I love these photos, scenes of life, death and decay! they show the way how nature get everything back after this fatal accident and after humans left this place!
I, myself, am a photographer and it looks like that we have the same taste with such places! ;)
best wishes for you!

Meer - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is a very interesting site with great pictures, i linked it.

Kombi Radyatör - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Admin very good pictures thanks...

Anita - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hey man...great should do you a book....and a link for facebook would be great to share this to the world....great job and again more then fantastic pictures...

David Li - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thierry; great pics and fascinating story of your visits. You should add a Facebook link so more people can see your story and the tragic history of Chernobyl . Regards David Li ( Canada )

ksj - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Bitter, but at the same time is a great picture. This can not happen to be very disgusting.

Zah - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is... breathtaking.

David - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Been there last year... a really moving experience...
Awesome Fotos!

Tobin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Nice pics. Seeing some of these pictures reminds me of the game, Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl.

Giorgia - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

your pictures are perfect tragedy, i was speechless.

Sellim - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks admin goood pictures.

Oyun - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Absolutely great pictures!

Olfri - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great job! Thx for amazing pictures...!

Cindy - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Words can not explain your photography, I was fascinated by your pictures, you captured the sadness of this horrible event that took place, while in other pictures you captured life that is still in such a polluted area of the world. Job well done.

Jeff - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

unreal pictures that bring a "dead" city to life. Thank you.

Verelan - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing, I also want to see the forbidden zone, but it is scary XD

Jackie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is simply amazing. I'm sitting here after watching only two of your photo sections so far. Completely stunned by what I've seen and read on this website. There really are no words to describe the feeling it brings, and how amazing I think your pictures are. I can only thank you with all of my heart for displaying this to the public so that I one day could find it.

I've always had a great interest for UE and it's been fascinating ever since I studied photography in upper secondary school. Websites like these just make me want to buy a camera and go at it - simply for the feeling of it. I would love to and one day I will.

Thanks again for this amazing website. I will continue to look through your photo sections, all in good time. To make sure I can really take it all in.

trike994 - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

very amazing photos, but shocking too

wojt - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing photos. It looks like the mapping of Pripyat in Modern Warfare was done from your photos :)

Andi - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

A greatly made side with many mad photos.Greetings from Germany

Heidi Kegler - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I sit here with an ache in my heart and tears in my eyes. I feel an immense and desperate need to keep looking at what was once a happy place someone called home. There are no words in the English language that could express how moving all of these pictures are. To capture a moment where life has ceased to exist. I can hear the echoes of children laughing through each picture. I would do anything to erase what has been done to this beautiful place, and these beautiful people. Is there a God? How could there be, I find myself questioning everything I once believed in. Thank you for risking your life to bring me (and the public)the only truth that can be found from this disaster, the research I find seems to be empty lies, and hidden secrets! I have lost my Grandfather to Colon/Liver Cancer in 1998. To hear the last breath escape his lips is a pain that I will carry in my mind forever, that pain is unbearable for me. I could not imagine losing everyone I know to such a monster! In the wake of such a tragedy, these people I call Angels deserve recognition for what they have went through? I light a candle every year on the 26th of April, and I think everyone on this Earth should, its the least we could do to show the ones who died, or who are sick, or displaced, that even now, years after the fact, are not and never will be forgotten. Thank You, Heidi Kegler/Melancholy in Michigan!

.:[CRT]:. - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -


Alex - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

These photos are awesome, thanks for putting up such a touching website... I'm still speechless

Brock - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great site - nice pics....but what happened to that dolly, where is she now?

Lady Croft - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I was just looking at the World News for today August 2010 and the headline is that the Russians are beginning to fill the Iranian nuclear reactor with uranium(U) this weekend. This reactor is built with parts obtained mainly on a black market since the nuclear proliferation of Iran is prohibited with sanctions from the United Nations. Some of the parts are as old as parts that would have been in Reactor 1 at Chernobyl. The half life of U-238 is about 4.4 billion years and U-235 about 700 million years the world should be prepared that this has the makings of another disaster not to mention other factors of the middle east that could also complicate the situation. Any thing can change in any given second and have reaching effects an unimaginable time span. "I now know that two things are infinte, the universe and human stupidy and I am not so sure about the universe" Albert Einstein, after the atomic bomb was deployed on Japan. Your site is well done and too few eyes have really seen what nuclear power regardles of what it is created for can offer.

darryl calgary canada - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

having grown up in a family who worked in nuclear power plants in Ontario this dissaster always stuck in my mind thank you putting yourself at risk so the rest of us can see the dangers my deepest sympathy to those who were lost during and after this tragic page in history least we never forget

Mihail Popescu - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Just exceptional photos - I wish I was there with you.

Maria S - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

amazing photos! beautiful and very sad at the same time.
i hope to visit pripyat one day. ...big thank you for creator(s) of tihs page. respect!
keep up with good work

Brad Stuckey - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Your website is amazing: not just the photos, but the subject-matter and the courage you display by visiting. I am an amateur shutterbug who has always been fascinated by the vestiges of the Soviet Union (I am in the Army right now, and I grew up in a military family, so that may be why)and wish I were able to visit these places...maybe one day. In the meantime I will enjoy your site. Wonderful! Thank you!

Derek - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

incredible photos and story, I was just researching chernobyl out of my own personal curiosity, and found your website to be a rich source of photos and information. As a photographer myself, I have to say that your pictures are incredible and haunting, and thank you for sharing your experiences with the world!

Hanbry - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -


Barry / England - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I have been researching, and in general a great interest of Chernobyl and the surrounding area's affected.

Such a magnificent site and a rich source of photo's I have never seen before.

Deepest thanks and respect for the creator(s) of this site.

James-Canada - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is the most amazing site I have found detailing The Zone.
Thank-you for sharing your experiances and knowledge.

Liz - East Coast USA - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great Site! The story was informative and filled in some informational gaps I had about the disaster. The pictures were wonderful and the film was a powerful reminder of what can happen when our technology gets away from us (just like the disaster in the Gulf right now). Keep up the good work as this story Must be retold. "Those who forget the past, tend to repeat it"!

Jelte - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great pictures and my deepest respect for all those who were victims of this disaster.
I want to go there to for quiet a while but do you get a tour, or can you walk by yourself through the city (Pripyat) (with or without a guide)
Site, story's and pictures ect. 10/10 (Y), keep up the good work. :-)

Jelte - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great pictures and my deepest respect for all those who were victims of this disaster.
I want to go there to for quiet a while but do you get a tour, or can you walk by yourself through the city (Pripyat) (with or without a guide)
Site, story's and pictures ect. 10/10 (Y), keep up the good work. :-)

travis - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing photos man. completly unbeleivable. erything ive read and seen about this town. has juss been sumed up by completly amazing photos.

Patrik - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Extremly nice pictures! Great composition and it truly conveys the eerieness of the location. Being an amateur photographer I can only with my best pictures even nudge the ones you have taken!

Jake - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

this site in awesome, i am very jealous you were able to visit and stay in such a desolate, incredible and tragic part of the world (despite the crap sounding meals)
some great pictures, thankyou very much for sharing them with a public that would otherwise be non the wiser :)

Donne and David Morgan - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Dear Thierry

Thank you so much for not only the frighteningly beautiful photographs but also the very easy to understand facts re Chernobyl and your own stories of the 2 visits you have made....fascinating. I was linked to this site by Neil Lewis... an urban explorer friend in UK... we know him because he is married to a very good friend\'s daughter.. :-) I shall also display your link on my own FB page as am sure many other people will find these trips of yours incredibly informative.
Regards Donne Morgan Victoria Australia

Odysseus - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great work!

Cameron C - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Brilliant photos!
Can I ask what font is used for the logo?

Marcel - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Absolutely great pictures!

Martin Petersen - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Brilliant pictures! I had to stop several times and think about what happened on that exact spot all those years ago, it was really food for thought!

Tobias - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very very nice website and exciting photos. stay tuned and regards from germany!

Please leave a comment in our guestbook.


alexis - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wonderful pictures, the treatment returns the place marvelous. I\'ll like to make a tour on the big wheel!

Jackie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

What a wonderful site! Your pictures and your writing a great. I hope one day to visit in and around Chernobyl. Thanks again for sharing.

Ashley - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thank you so much for sharing your expeirance with me and everyone else!! your photo\'s are amazing and your journals from both of your trips are very descriptive!!! i just recently had the chance to learn about Chernobly and i am happy to have come across your wedsite! thanks again!!

Ada - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Good evening! I am from Ukraine and the tragedy of Chernobyl is very near my heart. Because roots of my family are descended from Prypyat. 23 years ago my grandma and grandpa, who worked in the Chernobyl APP, with 2 children (my mom, who was 16 years old and my uncle, 9 years old) left this town forever. Today our family lives on the south of Ukraine. But despite the huge stretch of time, wich separates us from the events of 1986, we never forget about what happened... even for a minute. R.I.P. once evergreen, bustling and hospitable town!
На Чорнобиль журавлі летіли,
З вирію вертались на весні.
Як сніжниця попелище біле
Зозвівалось в рідній стороні.

Там згоріли гнізда і гніздечка,
Поржавіла хвоя і трава,
Журавлина крихітна вервечка
Напиналась, наче тятева.

Не було ні стогону, ні крику,
Тільки пошум виморених крил.
Журавлі несли печаль велику,
Наче тінь невидимих могил.

Не спинились птиці на кордоні,
Де всякає атом у пісок
І дивився батько з під долоні,
І ридала мати в небеса.

GAMBIT - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Chernobyl, terrible and beautiful, like a madman\'s lullabye.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photographs with the world!

We cannot allow what happened here to be forgotten.

Marcin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

different world...

Martin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing, really great photos, that says so much. Thank you for this webpage.

Creeper - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Fantastic work.
Your photos are keeping the past real. ;)
I am an explo myself but unfortunately never left Germany that far - well, mainly because there\'s no one who would join my trip.^^
Please, keep on doing that.
You rock ;)

neopassang - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

i think you have to protect yourself there! much plutonium, you can\'t find it with your dosimeter, walking in pripiat and around without mask and gloves for 5 days is dangerous.
but you\'re work is nice

Rüdiger Ypsilon - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

WOW even more amazing photos than 2008. This time you were even on one of those boats, I think I would be to much scared to step on it, always afraid of falling in the to (possibly) radioactive water ^^

One day I will visit Prypjat too. I\'m saving my money since last year and one day I will have enough so I can afford the trip.

Beth - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Love your photos, amazing work, great impressions. Feels like going back in time. Those pictures tells more than words can describe..
I\'m studying soviet history and Chernobyl\'s story was always interesting to me. And your photos probably is the best I\'ve ever seen :)
Thanks for sharing this with us :)
Greetings from Latvia, Beth.

Randolf - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

very beautiful work!
I\'m impressed! The film and the music is also amazing!
Thanks for this!

leichenteilchen - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Awesome! Thanks for sharing these great impressions with us. This is probably the best collection about chernobyl and everything arround it, I spent hours browsing through these amazing pictures.

URG - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing photo and story ( trip 2009). Some of the best pictures Chernobyl I\'ve ever seen.

Ŗivẹt - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

You work is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for the site.

jk - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks for sharing your story and photos with us, who may never be able to visit the place in person. I find this all very interesting, it seems I want to know more and more about Pripyat and other surroundings of Chernobyl.

Foantje - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

very cool report and story, I like it a Lott
And defiantly cool to see your from bruges me too ;).

Kevin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

amazing website, the best i\'ve ever seen about a trip to chernobyl and pripyat. one day, i hope to make a trip there and see it. hopefully before they tear it all down.

Fernando Felix - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -


Justin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wow! What a website. Thanks for capturing so vividly in words and pictures what must be one of the most fascinating places on Earth.

Jude Picknell - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I had the privilege to visit the Chernobyl plant and the exclusion zone while staying in Ukraine last week. It was deeply moving, epecially the monuments to the men who gave their lives in extinguishing the reactor fire and building the sarcophogus - truly \"the men who saved the world\". The eeriest thing about the whole area was the almost deafening silence of what once had been a busy town, thronging with life.
A moral tale of official negligence and secrecy, and the extraordinary courage and dignity of \"ordinary\" people.

Christopher - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Your website is phenominal, I really enjoy the erie and somber feelings you capture with your photography. cheers.


Ben Clark - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

im from australia and the whole chornobyl thing is very sadning to me im a bit in the dark about what exactly happen i know that the #4 Reactor exploded but how? and why? feel free to email me about any info i can find my email is ford_gtho87@hotmail and please in the subject say its about chornobyl thanks from australia

adam - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

great web site and wonderful pictures.....greetings from poland

Neko - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I was wandering through google when I found abandoned places website, which lead me to the links page, now all day I have been going \"I wish there was some of Chernobyl\" I ended up here. If anything can remind us that humans fail and the consequences can last years and years, it\'s Chernobyl. Thank you for a rare glimpse into the aftermath, the buildings that still stand a reminder to the strength humans can have. Building structures that can last decades but not forever. I hope that long after these zones have been reclaimed by nature we will continue to remember and learn from past mistakes.

Jen - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Alluring and chilling, truly magnificent. I just spent hours looking at the photographs, one more beautiful than the next. Greatly appreciated, much thanks from Pittsburgh, PA. USA

Chris - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

great, amazing, best photos I\'ve ever seen from this location!

Andrew - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wow, breath taking photos... you have captured a true picture of a strange desolate city, amazing to think the city was built for families and children but was then the scene of such a great disaster.
Brilliant work thank you for sharing your insight

jaosn - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

outstanding and beautiful photos! thank you for entering a potentially dangerous area to bring the world all this. the story was clear and captivating. hope to see more from you!

Firdaus - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

You have a very nice set collection of this picture.

Steve - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

What an incredible formulation of the aftermath of should write a book. Thank you from Falmouth,Ma.USA

Luc Van Hoecke - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Schitterend ! Hoe heb je in godsnaam je partner hiertoe overtuigd gekregen ? Ik ben jaloers, ik geef het toe...

Dimiter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Bravo, fantastic collection. I like abandoned buildings. If you are interested in such art you can visit Bulgaria where there are many abandoned buildings and factories from the communist time. You can some photos of one of the biggest communist factories Kremikovtzi which buildings are placed on 2000 hectares in this article:

Izabella - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing!!! Great photos, story and web site. i spent my whole evening reading the history and your story whitch is fab.
well done and all the best for the future.waiting to see and hear some more amazing story\'s from you.

Oyun indir - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks for great photos.And the site has nice design.

Fatroll - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks, great photos!
When did you go there?

Irmmin-Rose - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing, I\'m speechless. You take wonderful pictures. Personally, I always think of Chernobyl as a beautiful place. Your photographs are reminders that humans make irreversible mistakes.

Jelle - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Heel knappe foto\'s en een mooi avontuur! Ik ben zelf nog maar net begonnen met fotografie maar eens ik wat meer ervaring heb wil ik ook wel eens naar Chernobyl.

Jekyll - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Nice place :) i believe \'Cockney John\' is referring to Elena!
i would like to visit Chernobyl at some point ;)


Cockney John - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -


At home sunday morning searching for normal stuff, funnies etc then came across a site about a lady who had motorcycled through Chernobyl. Found this shortly after.

What an amazing, chilling and sad documentation of a \'normal\' area - almost unknown in the UK, which in a few hours became what it is today, and will be for long after my childrens, childrens, children have passed.

Completely humbled at the site!

Star - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Absolutely amazing site, some of the best photos I\'ve seen. I\'ve been fascinated by how quickly nature has reclaimed the area, 23 years really isn\'t that long. Thank you for sharing these. Absolutely incredible stuff.

Susie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thank you very much for working on this project. I just spent my entire evening reading your story and looking at your pictures. Amazing!!!

Laura; aka: Anonymous - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I just love your photo\'s and story. You really captured the sadness and tragedy of Chernobyl in your photographs. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

doro - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hello, thank you for sharing this experience.
I was a little closer to the zone back then - 1986 hit Bucharest with an earthquake and Chernobyl.
Our regime wouldn\'t want to inform or protect the population with Iodine tablets. So that we should not panic or ask for anything. Even after the whole world knew what had happened, we were told not to worry and go on taking baths in the Black Sea and eat the veggies. It had rained in time for the cloud travelling a few hundred kilometres from East to reach our soils, it was fine weather during those weeks of May.
I allowed myself to mention you on my site.
Keep up the good work!

Randy - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

My girlfriend and I traveled from the US to the zone in sept of 2007, we have many photos and HD video of the day we spent there that have never been posted to the web, one special structure we requested to see was the greenhouse on the back side of pripyat, there are very few photos of this on the web, we took about 20 pictures and made HD video of the greenhouse that have never been seen.
We enjoy your web site and the story about your ride out to the zone (ours was about the same minus the sleeping driver), we hope to return to the area for a 2 day stay in 2010 or 2011, we have had no health side effects from the visit and know our exposure to radiation was more on the 12 hour plane ride at 40,000 ft each way where the giger counter was singing at 5.0 micro SV the whole time.
Most people do not know that air travel produces elevated radiation levels.
Take care

baggyUK - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

well being a 19 year old man in 1986 i remember the chernobyl story very well

as for the infomation liz at the time they didnt realise the scale of the disaster as mentioned but also there was a long history of the russian goverment not wanting to talk about anything that had happened in their country

it was a disaster that should never have happened but on that day it did



Liz, South Carolina USA - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

As a lover of all places abandoned, I was particularly moved by your tour of Chernobyl. Thank you, brave souls, for venturing where most of us would not dare. I support nuclear power but, Chernobyl lies as a grim reminder that man must respect the awesome power of our Earth and our harness of it. God Bless you both- many, many more happy ventures to you!

Yann - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very, very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing your experience! Bravo!

Tony - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Awesome pictures!

Good job on bringing the death-sense to life!

Dave - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Love this site, makes you think about what strange things go on in the world, and makes u wonder if theres anything else to the stories that we dont see in the pictures.

keep up the good work


Manouch - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Such great pictures for a place that few went !!
Great stuff man and respect !!

Lee Fitzgerald - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

It\'s rare for me to stop at a website and look at ALL it offers, however I couldn\'t come away without telling you that I looked at and read pretty much everything, great photos and a great read..thank you for sharing with the world!

Nathan B - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks for the great Read. Plan to make the adventure myself sometime soon. Awesome stuff and great pics. :)

Annie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I really like the story as much as the photos too.
Your work is great!

guest - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks for this awesome site and your report of this trip...
I would go there myself but if the radiation wouldn\'t kill me my wife certainly would ;)

Stefan - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing pictures! I can\'t wait for my trip to the \"zone\" this year..

Greetings from germany,


Lee Vervoort - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is a great site with well taken photos. As a fan of abandoned areas and such history related subjects, this one takes the cake. Good job.

Smurf - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Just looked at some more of your site and I have to say that it is very well done. Having just got back from the Zone myself I can say that your site captures the feel and the essence of it very well. Thanks for sharing your experience :) I\'m hoping to go back in the summer - it was minus 16 when we were there... See you back in \"the zone\"...

Liz - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wonderful site.
I was 13 at the time Rector 4 exploded, and remember seeing it on the news.
After watching several documentries, I still find it hard to believe there was such a cover up as to what could and did go wrong.
Well done for being so brave and taking such wonderful photos.
A real eye opener. Thank you.

sk8er boy - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hey, thanks for such interesting site.
I\'m from Russia and i have seen much russian and ukranian sites about Chernobyl. Yours is the impressing one

Rod Serling - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I loved the \"our story\" section. Very detailed and interesting how things work there now. Thank you for this site!

uXplorer - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Interessante verslaglegging van jullie belevenissen naar en te chernobyl en ...Great shots.
Succes bij de volgende projecten.
Met vriendelijke groet,

Sebastian - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

awesome site. im born 1986 so its very interesting for me. i wasnt affected by the accident but a lot kids were. very nice pictures. your story reminds me of that woman who was allowed to drive through chernobyl with her motorbike. i wish i could go there, too but its not that easy i guess.

greetings from germany. excuse my grammar :)

cat - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hello !
I came across your site on and was immediately interested in reading your story and viewing all of the fantastic photos.
I was wondering, as I finished seeing and reading all the information, if you could tell me if you, or any of your party have had any adverse effects from your visit there?
And, additionally, I would surmise that the forbidden zone and, actually all the irradiated areas, will remain contaminated forever? i was just wondering.
I am not well-versed on the subject of radiation.

Thank you for taking me via the internet to this location.
I appreciate the chance to see it!

Jose Manuel - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hello, I\'m Jose Manuel Carranza ... I write from Nicaragua. The history of this city to hit me while I am very interested in knowing more about it, apart from being a ghost town is a beautiful city, I like to be able to know some day, I wish her luck friend JM

ONAGER - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Probably a bad comarison, but Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare capturned pripyat PERFECTLY. But, in all actuallty, its a very sad what happened here. the vegitation and animals growing up is eerie, and i cant stop learning about chernobyl. its probably the most interesting neclear disaster ive seen yet, not mentioning the most devestating. Awesome job with the site. Photos were amazing, and give out awesome messages. Great job guys, keep up the great work

Wesley - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks for sharing buddy!
i really appreaciated all the efforts that you\'ve taken in the UE and to sharing all the wonderful imagines for us,keep moving buddy.

China Wesley

Pascal - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Freaking awesome photos!! Since I first saw those chernobyl-photos from the Kidd of Speed-Site (maybe you know it?), I beacme totally fascinated in places of beauty and decay. And hell, your photos are just... awesome... hilarious... outstanding!! I can\'t find the right words for it.

Keep up the good work!!

craig wykes (LennyE4EVO) - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Pics are mind blowing mate! What a place, after auschwitz this place is defo on my list, totally fascinating. What happened here is beyond belief.

Holly - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Found you from 28days :)

I want the doll its fantastic, I love the layout of the website and the indepth storys its fantastic. I am quite jelouse i would love to go :)

Mr Butler - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very interesting :)

Joe - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Found my way here from 28dayslater.
What a fantastic site. just looking at some of your photos sends a shiver down the spine. This has to be one of them must visit places !!!

Keep up the good work


Bill O Reilly - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

A very nice website !! Very well Done

Laurence - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great pictures !

I\'m preparing a trip to Pripyat with two friends of mine. Really looking forward to seeing this place myself :)

Vivo - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I\'ve enjoyed looking at your Chernobyl pictures. They are fantastic and probably the best I\'ve seen. I went in April to photograph it but we were limited to what we could enter building wise. You\'ve really captured the essence of the place.

I hope to return next year at some point. If you are into abandonments then Pripyat is the Holy Grail really.

Marika - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Proficiat voor de mooie website! Ben zelf niet verder geraakt dan het Tshernobyl Museum in Kyiv, heb al zoveel gelezen over de kernramp, verhalen van familie en kenissen gehoord en toch met interesse je reisbeschrijving gelezen.

Daniel - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Respect to your works about chernobyl. Great shots, great story about.


Alex - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I'm jealous Thierry :) sounds like a great trip. Nice shots! Cheers!

NeQo - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Fantastic orgasmic story and dito pictures T.
I just love the way you tell this fantastic adventure and i guess you lived the urbexers dream there.

Maudemoiselle - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hallo Thierry,
Ben er zelf ook geweest (sept 2008) het was voor mij weer zo herkenbaar!
ik vind dat je een \"mooie\" impressie van dit gebied hebt weergegeven door middel van je prachtige foto\'s.
Gr. (Foto\'s o.a. Tjernoby 2008)

Aart Jan - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very impressive your work to show he disaster of this place. Respect for you and your girlfriend. Also the story is great. Thanks.

Bob - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

This is an amazing site you\'ve put together here - your writing and photos are fantastic. I linked here from, and thank you for taking the time to put this incredible work together...

anne parker - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

far out, these pictures are amazing. it really humanizes the Chernobyl meltdown. the pictures of the ferris wheel really touched me, as well as many of the photos of doll\'s and pictures of the families relatives.

it makes me wonder if they died happy or sad, or in fear.

René - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great website.
Very impressive shots.


Nephilim - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great site!

Sarah - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Yoow, alweer prachtige foto\'s op je nieuwe site! vooral die groothoekfoto\'s zijn indrukwekkend. veel komt me bekend voor van op Call of Duty 4 (xbox360) dat zich ook afspeelt in Pripyat :p Meer, meer!

Bart - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great trip man!
Want to go there, but a bit afraid fot my health...


A. - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Nice site. I have been to Chernobyl Zone one month after you and
will return in summer 2009...

Cyber - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very awesome...great site with amazing photos! Keep up the good work!

Jude - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great site! Amazing shots and the site itself is fast to browse through. Good job!

Fako - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Finally on the www !
Good job and work T
Pics are as usual verrrrrry nice...

Marcel - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Just awesome...
Love your pictures and your story.
Great that some people are really into exploration!

Tom Roelofs - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Finally launched! Nice site, but you know that already ;)

Henk - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

so, you made it to chernobyl, dude! wow and wow again !
100 orgasms every step you take ? same here looking at your photos. great work, show us more !

Thierry - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

After many months of hard work this website is finally online so you can start leaving your thoughts about this all in this guestbook. ;-)

Enjoy your stay and do not hesitate to come back!

Thomas - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi. Eine hervorragende Seite, die Du hier aufgebaut hast. Ich bin begeistert. Speichere Dich als Fav und besuche Dich wieder. Viele Grüße - Thomas

Gerwin - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Eine rundum interessante und gelungene Page hast Du! Macht spass zu stöbern..... :-)) Grüße vom Bodensee Gerwin

Mirko - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

sehr schöne Seite und auch fantastische Bilder. Ich schau öfter mal vorbei

Jabier Suarez - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very good your site. This is my contribution. The lost places in Spain. (click on homepage)

photofabriek - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great work!!

Jada Fabrizio - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I love your work. please add me to any email invitations to your exhibitions/ Jada

marianne - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hallo sehr schöne seite, tolle bilder, bin auch auf der suche nach immer neuen locations, leider sind viele zu weit weg.... aber ich werde mir deine seite immer wieder mal ansehen. lg. marianne

Lorenzo Linthout - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very good!

Lampens Anne Marie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

My opinion is that after visiting your places I allways am astonished, amazed and homeless for a little while, as if I have to heal from a desease. Or even beter as if I have to awake from a heavenly and sinister dream at the same time. I just love it dear, the way you work and shoot your images. Big fan me.

Rob - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Awesome site, way cool urbex photos :-)

Devon - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amazing work. There's a certain elegance to entropy, and your photographs really highlight that fact. I really admire the urban explorer folks--I wish I could join you, but until I find a way to get involved, I will continue to visit sites like yours and admire the beauty.

Nicolai Bilges - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

fantastic page ! The photos are really good.

Brittany Kaye Wielfaert - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

We share the same passion. Keep livin the dream brah. Your work is good.

Bert - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Nice site, think you had a hell of a site designer ;-)

Thierry - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

you think??? I don't think, I'm sure of it ;) Anyway, thank to that hell of a website designer :) With these the guestbook has been officially opened... Have fun and enjoy my website... Thierry

Jan Brouwers - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hoi Thierry, ziet er goed uit die nieuwe site, lekker vlot en goed te doorlopen. Van de foto's mag mijn mening je bekend zijn, gewoon superplaten erbij en mooie en vaak verrassende standpunten. Groeten en nog veel plezier met je urbangebeuren en ook de rest van de fotografie. Jan.

hamid - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hi. thanks for your great website.thanks for your great photos. you really mean the word Abandoned and the word post-apocalypse to me. goooood luck !

els janssens - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thierry, via je broer Emanuel kreeg ik het adres van je website. Zelf fotografeer ik ook regelmatig. Ik kon niet nalaten je proficiat te wensen met de mooie foto\\\'s. Het is een stijl die me erg aanspreekt en knap gevonden al die leegstaande gebouwen met wat er allemaal bijhoort. Echt mooi! Je hebt er een fan bij. Vriendelijke groeten, Els

Emmanuel - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

je foto\'s zijn mega inorde, je hebt een grote fan bij, je grote broer...

Marx - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Goe bezig Thierry! Of was het nu een grijzeblubber waar ik die veer in moet steken :-)

Bert - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hey, Ik ben hier terecht gekomen via Belgiumdigital. Ik wou even zeggen dat je hier echt wel een prachtige gallery aan foto\'s hebt. Echt sjiek! :) Bert.

charlotte from forbidden-places - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

triage lavoir peronnes:photos are beautiful,very nice shot.

Liliane & Patrick Loiseau - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hello Thierry! Very nice pictures of an evidence of a lost period of prosperity. The \"lavoir\" will soon be renovated and will (among other things) protect the Provincial Archives.

Chris De Meyer - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Yow, Heb je site via Peter Van Hee uit straatje aan circus gekregen en ben wel fijn verrast in je leuke foto\'s! Je bent ook wel addept van groothoeklenzen... Ben zelf ook bezig met fotografie (academie) en ben steeds geboeid geweest doot vervallen verkrotte doorleefde gebouwen. Ben paar weken terug s gaan fotograferen (portret van maat) in Artifex (drongensesteenweg). Anyway, keep up da good work! C.

Renato - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi, Ik hoop dat je nederlands leest. Ik heb je gezien op het BD forum en ben al een tijdje zeer onder de indruk van je materiaal. Ik ben ook benieuwd naar je toestel en lenzen. En waar je op voornamelijk op let bij het schieten van een plaat. Ik wil graag op de hoogte gehouden worden van nieuwe series, zodat je me verder kan inspireren. Groetjes, Renato Daub.

Pieter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

eindelijk eens een \'urban\' site met echt mooie foto\'s. ik hou erg van de details die je laat zien; niet zoals de meeste die binnengaan en vlug foto\'s nemen. vooral het z/w werk vind ik erg mooi. complimenten! groeten Pieter

Angela - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I love your website and your photographs are amazing. I can\'t wait to come to europe and go exploring again. Please update me with photo news! thanks so much and also for your support in urban exploring. Angela (USA)

Sarah - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wow, this is freaking amazing, i guess this is the first urbanwebsite i look on with absolutely freaky amazing photographs... keep on doing this, you make history for our children, grandchildren, their children etc... S.

Tom Roelofs - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Euj Thierry, Site ziet er netjes uit. Ga vooral zo door. Hopelijk ooit nog eens samen een locatie bezoeken.

Jos - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hoi Thierry, Heb je enkele weken geleden pas leren kennen, en dadelijk gemerkt dat je veel talent hebt! Je kan je zelf nu reeds beschouwen tot een gevestigde waarde onder de oude \"rotten\" (lees Explorers met ondervinding)

Adstar - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Je gallery groeit snel, mooie series! :)

annemie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hallo! Blij verrast deze FANTASTISCHE reeks te vinden over het kasteel van Noisy! Ooit een prachtig kasteel, nu spijtig genoeg een rune... Zeker verdergaan met zulke mooie foto\'s te maken!

Tom Venken - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Mooie, sobere, duidelijk en gemakelijk te navigeren site. De foto albums zijn gewoon TOP! Kom vaker terug om te piepen naar nieuwe fotos van je urbantrips. Doe zo voort!! Groetjes Tom

Sam (Hellcat-BD) - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Ik vind zo\'n Urban foto\'s altijd erg prachtig, waarschijnlijk omdat ik zelf niet weet hoe er aan te beginnen. Met andere woorden: hele knappe foto\'s!!! Website is ook heel makkelijk, strak en sober!! Doe zo voort! Sam

DD - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

n woord: TOP

Van Ryckeghem Rita - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Prachtige foto\'s. Jammer dat het kasteel van Noisy er zo vervallen bij ligt tegenwoordig. Ik heb het genoegen gehad om in dit ooit prachtige kasteel te mogen werken. Hoe komt het eigenlijk dat jij foto\'s hebt kunnen nemen aan de binnenkant vermits het verboden terrein is?

Tim Meulemeester - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

zoals ik al vernoemde in een mail richting u, ben ik de zoon van onderstaande schrijfster. Het is idd, zoals mijn moeder zegt, jammer dat ze het kasteel zo laten vervallen. De eigenaars zijn dezelfde als die van Chateau De Vves, het lagergelegen kasteel die nu een museum is. Voor zover ik me herinner heeft mijn moeder ook gezegd (vergeten te zeggen in de mail) dat Chateau de Noisy ook nog een museum is geweest. Wij zijn volop op zoek naar mensen (Annemarie kennen we dus al) die er hebben gewerkt of er school hebben gelopen. Via zoekertjeskrant bijv, maar helaas... buiten Annemarie geen reactie ontvangen. ivm je foto\'s zelf vind ik het een puike prestatie...

Venken Tom - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hey Thierry Weer enkele pracht plaatjes gezien van je laatste trip ;) oa: en Keep up that good work :-D Grtz

lynn van bie tuyttens - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hey eerst en vooral een dikke proficiat,de foto\'s zijn PRACHTIG !!!!!!!! echt de max , superindrukwekkend!!!!!!!!! a star is born doe zo voort en laat ons verder genieten van je talent groeten lynn

Tom Venken - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Amaai, je laaste shoot \"somewhere in Belgium\". Wat een toplocatie. Geen wonder dat je deze niet wil verklappen. Wat een schat aan spullen om juist die speciale kiekjes te maken. TOP!

Franoise - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Heb tijd gemaakt om je volledige site opnieuw te bekijken. Echt indrukwekkend! Dikke proficiat... We moeten er nog eens over spreken, bij gelegenheid... Franoise d\'y.

roland (fotomania) - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Proficiat! U maakt geweldige foto\'s.

KOEN BROECKAERT - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Een dikke proficiat met je prachtige website en fotos! We weten dat je verborgen talenten hebt,maar dit heeft ons toch verrast. Koen&Lidwin

Helen De Telder - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hallo Thierry Je bent er in geslaagd om van iets schrijnends (het volledige verval van een eens prachtig kasteel) iets prachtigs te maken. Je foto\'s mogen onder de rubriek kunst gerekend worden. Proficiat!

Ann - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Knap werk! Wat een verborgen talent...

vadik - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

nice shots man. i love urban ruins, living in New York people tend to forget how many the city has. europe must be amazing, all that post- industrial architecture now abandoned and in ruin. keep on shooting.

Marx - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Yo.. zeg in je auto salon album, heb je een paar hele sjieke ;-) ciao, M.

janvangent - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Prachtig gewoon, ik woon in Gent en kom bijna dagelijks langs Mahy in de Lammerstraat. Dankzij jou heb ik een kijkje kunnen nemen in een werleld die voor mij anders verborgen zou zijn gebleven. Als je es een hulpje nodig hebt op een van je urban explorations wil ik best es mee :; Janvangent (BD)

Anne Marie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Kan niet nalaten je site af en toe te bezoeken om te verdwalen in de prachtige verstilde beelden die mijn verbeelding aanwakkeren waarmee ik de plaatsen terug tot leven kan roepen en bevolken. Het inspireert me tot heel andere dingen, mijn activiteit ivm fotografie heeft zich altijd beperkt tot het staan van model voor een u welbekende kunstfotografe. De vijventwintig jaar van nauwe samenwerking echter heeft mijn oog en beoordelingsvermogen van fotgrafie danig gescherpt, ik had een geschoolde leermeesteres. Ik sta perpleks telkens ik deze site bezoek, en ik ben nog lang niet klaar. Ik geniet langzaam en hou nog altijd een beetje reserve voor later. Ben zeer onder de indruk van je mooie foto\'s, het licht in de meeste van je beelden spreekt me enorm aan. voeg me maar toe aan je fanclub. Succes in je ondernemingen en tot nog es. Btw, wees alert en voorzichtig bij je expedities; je weet maar nooit... Met waardering en respect, Anne Marie.

TBR - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Keep up the good work Thierry! Nice article in BHB ;)

Mark - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Nice site, i like it! great work!

Carl - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

i like the site. good luck!

Pieter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Prachtig werk! Heel sfeervol en aangenaam om te bekijken. \'k Vind vooral mooi hoe je met licht en donker speelt (vb kasteel Neufcourt). Blijven doen!

danobus - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thanks Thierry, for the intense sensation I felt by browsing through your urban gallery\'s! During my photography-studies (20 years ago) I\'ve done some urb-ex... I\'m glad to find out there is now a name for it and a lot of info on the web. Your images work very inspiring, tnx again!

Tim Claerhout - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thierry Nu weet ik wat mijn broer Bert soms samen met jou onderneemt. Prachtige foto\'s! Dank je om mij te laten meegenieten van je avonturen en ontdekkingen. Keep up the good work! Tim

Jan - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Onwaarschijnlijke site! Er gaat een volledig nieuwe wereld voor me open! Na gisteren zelf een schuchtere poging te hebben gedaan tot urb-ex in Gent op jouw site terechtgekomen en ben heel erg onder de indruk... Uw site werkt enorm inspirerend en zorgt ervoor dat trespassen niet alleen wordt aanzien als een bezigheid voor puberale vandalen! Is het mogelijk een paar foto\'s door te sturen en uw ongenuanceerde mening daarop te geven? Proficiat en ik kijk al uit naar de volgende update! A new loyal fan

Anne Marie - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

loow Thierry, thx voor je mailtje, een tijdje geleden al. Opnieuw een bezoekje gebracht aan je verleidelijke site. Ditmaal is het Ozzytje die mijn hart steelt. Grappige en rake pictures. Vooral grappig zijn uitdrukking wanneer ie zijn drolletje draait ; beetje verlegen en betrapt. De max gewoon. Hahaha lol.

Bartholomeus Peter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Beste Bruggeling, als in de stad wonende Bruggeling en interieurrachitect vindt ik het ronduit fantastisch dat eindelijk er mensen zijn die in het oog brengen van het brute vergankelijke van architectuur en belangrijk interieurarchitectuur. Ik denk dat in het bijzonder nog een aantal panden te vinden zijn in Brugge waar beslist een kijkje kan genomen worden. Het is nutteloos dit hier te vermelden maar wie weet kom je op een idee... Doe zo verder. Groetjes Peter

Tom - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Tijd voor weer eens een krabbelke hier. Staan weer enkele knappe shoots online ondertussen op je site. Steeds plezier om door te bladeren en terug te kijken in de oudere shoots!

tupid - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hej, zeer mooie gallery hier, blijven geven zou\'k zo zeggen groeten tom

Gabriel Boone - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Ik ben op zoek naar mensen die in het kasteel van Noisy hebben verbleven. Ik was er als kind via de N.M.B.S in het jaar 1956 - 57 Wie er tevens ook op deze periode was, gelieve met mij contakt op te nemen. Wie tevens meer inlichtingen, of foto\'s heeft, of contakt wil opnemen met mij - kan zich melden op mijn e-mailadres: met dank bij voorbaat Gabriel Boone

Allen - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hello!! Keep a good work man! Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site!!

Redl!te - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Eindelijk tijd gevonden om je site eens gronig te bekijken! De eenvoud siert! Ik ga het duidelijk te ver zoeken. zowel qua foto\'s al qua design...

marie paule - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

in alle rust kunnen genieten van de mooie foto's - nog een dikke proficiat met je eerste prijs in berlijn - mp

jerre - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

erg knappe foto\'s, petje af! deze site is voor de bookmarks ;)

Monco - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Man, you really are a genius, the way you work with colors contrasts and compositions is truly amazing. A selection of my favourites: CRW_1287 This is so very simple, yet you turn it into something artistic. CRW_3122 Truly, madly, freaky... CRW_1232 It seems like the bed is going to pop out o_O CRW_1361 I fell in love with this picture: the white with the red is brilliant... I heart it CRW_0835 Fun with springs, simple yet it looks like a metal flower/starry type of thingy CRW_10908 The sky is the limit, I never looked at the MHO like that, even though I see it everyday. CRW_10918 A cool light show CRW_3731 I love the plain colors, not to busy composition CRW_3719 Horror movie stuff, but simply amazing composition and colors CRW_0325 This is one of my absolute favourites, cool what you did with the colors. CRW_0341 Same thing as pic above, my toilet doesn't look that cool CRW_0361 The contrasts make it cooler and the many water droplets(?) look like they're about to fall all at once... I think I'm gonna leave it at this. (If this were a caption contest I'd surely win) I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of your work...keep it up!

Robin Goossens - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Heel sjieke reeks... Thierry btw ik ben langs het dak moeten binnegeraken aan de ingang van de kunstacademie... Op dat domein zelf, dus nog niet in het MHA zelf vind je ook heel sjieke locaties .. , vooral de kelders onder de kunstacademie zijn zeker en vast de moeite om eens langs te gaan ...

Sarah - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Ik ging bij Google op zoek naar verlaten plaatsen in belgie... Dit is een site die ik waarschijnlijk nog vele keren zal bezoeken. Prachtige donkere foto\'s heb je hier! Je weet goed hoe je de grimmige sfeer moet vastleggen. Chic!

Stefan Faltermann - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi, your fotography about Chateau Noisy is very good! I visit this place a few weeks ago. Salut Stefan

Nico - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hey dit is wel een leuke site zenne er staat meer op dan op elke andere site dat over urban exploration gaat...

stumme Zone - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Ich verweile fters auf deiner seite und bin immer wieder begeistert. tolle bilder und super seitenaufbau. sehr schn, gefllt mir prima MfG Robert

Liga Medvecka - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Here is Liga Medvecka, Public relations officer of Valmiera City Council from Latvia writing. I got to know about this homepage a few months ago and the photography you do, is something that is unique for Latvians here in Latvia. Latvian photographers are not into urb-ex, so we found your pictures outstanding of all other. Now we are planning the themes of the photo-expositions for years 2007 and 2008 to exhibit in the galleries of Valmiera. On behalf of Valmiera City Culture Center and Valmiera City Council, I would like to offer you to consider exhibiting the pictures in a personal exhibition. I would be happy if you contacted me and we could talk about the possibility of your exhibition here. With greetings from Latvia, Liga Medvecka Public relations officer of Valmiera City Council

Radical Ed - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hey, I saw your French asylum photos on Opacity and they were fantastic. I saw your user-name was a website so I typed it in and it brought me here. This site is great! I haven\'t seen much European architecture, especially asylum and hospital architecture, and it\'s really artistic and gothic in design. Seeing that you\'re from and live in Belgium, I was wondering if you were the guide that brought Motts to that terrifc Stella Artois brewery when he visited Northern Europe some months back? If so, I hope you guys had an awesome time. His, and your photos of your area really bring out the natural beauty of decaying architecture.

Jude - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Wow this is a great site, and you do excellent work! Glad you came to Opacity so we could find you here. I hope to see more of your photography!

Tommy Gevaert - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Thierry, wonderful site and wonderful photography. In my very humble opinion you are, together with Henk Van Rensberghen, the top of Belgian urban explorers. I\'m looking forward to your exposition, and maybe meeting you in person one day! Keep up the good work. Tommy

Fotofolio - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Expo is een aanrader voor explorers & non-explorers !!! Mooie setup, simpel maar erg aantrekkelijk gepresenteerd. Allen daarheen !!!

Asbestom - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Zoals hier beneden al gezegd, niet twijfelen maar richting knokke gaan en je laten overdonderen door de zwart/witte en uitbundige kleuren platen van de urban ex world! De moeite waard!

Monco - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Ik heb niet getwijfeld en ben ook gaan kijken en wat ik hieronder reeds schreef is waar: je bent een genie (bevestigd deze keer). De foto\'s zijn nog indrukwekkender aan een muur dan op een monitor. Zeker gaan kijken! Monica

Seth - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great site. From what I\'ve seen of your work... it looks like some of the best photography I\'ve seen. Right up there with Motts stuff! And your self portraits, those just can\'t be beat. Those are without a doubt the best self portraits I\'ve seen. - Seth

Pieter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Beste Thierry, ik vind uw website en uw foto\'s waarlijks fantastisch! Zelf ben ik geen kunstkenner maar wel een liefhebber van photo art.

Peter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Your site is very good!

Bob - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Your nature photos are wonderful. Good luck Thierry.

youngman - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hello, the pictures of the trains are very nice.

DD - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Je hebt op korte tijd al prachtig werk gerealiseerd Thierry. Proficiat.

Ben - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi, thats one of the best urbEx pages on the web! Your Photos are so genial. Im from FFM. I was in Knokke-Heist one week bevor your expo started. A week to early, shit! Great Work! Best regards from Germany Ben

dafne - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

hey je foto\'s zijn prachtig! ik wou dat ik het kon want hier in de Limburgse mijngemeentes staat het vol met prachtige gebouwen die vereeuwigd dienen te worden voordat de sloophamer er weer een megalomaan complex neerzet... Helaas ik ben een leek op het vlak van foto\'s...

Pieter - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hoi! De foto\'s die je maakte in die leegstaande gebouwen zijn stuk voor stuk prachtige impressies. Geen \"toeristenfoto\'s\" zoals vele anderen, maar schitterende sfeerbeelden. En zwart-wit is natuurlijk het mooiste ter wereld... Keep up the good work! Pieter

soupy - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Very good job, i like your pics Philippe Soupart Belgium

Angela - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Someone has to take these pictures before everything disappears ... And your photos show a lot of RESPECT, kind of giving back some dignity to those abandoned places. No gothic schnickschnack, just places as they are. Some photos are even Bernd and Hilla Becher style. Thank you!

Linda - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi! Just checking out your ue-site - very impressive!!!

andre - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Great site with some of the best urban photos around 10/10

EXurban - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Hi, thanks for showing this great work! Your photos are really beautiful and inspiring. Greetings from Berlin,we will visit this page again soon! Tanja and Hanne from EXurban

Owen - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

Your site and photographs are exceptionally excellent... I had no idea there were people out there doing what you are doing so beautifully. You have taken abandoned places to a high level. I will be coming back often to these dream worlds. Thank you...

Tommoid - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

The first and 2nd set of train photos were awesome! Where are these places? I would love to come over from England to take nothing but photos of them! Please add more galleries of train photos to your site! They\'re great! Cheers: Tom

Philippe - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

A cool site with photographic quality is undeniable. Nice work.

Alex barber - 1986-04-26 01:23:45 -

I really enjoy this website. All of the pictures are of the highest quality and artistic value. I only wish I could change my living arrangements to live where this artist takes pictures. In one word superb.

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