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Daryl - 2009-01-14 14:58:33

that is one creepy doll, especially when you consider the things its seen too!

vero - 2009-03-31 10:45:59


Anonymous - 2009-04-22 18:53:05

So sad is this montage. Those clouded sad eyes are so eerie, they tell a haunting story.

Susie - 2009-04-24 06:55:03

Great shots. Very sad though.

kkk - 2009-04-25 21:39:12

this is so scary ...

matt - 2009-05-03 14:44:08

I have seen this doll in many photos previous to this. Just as the sarcophagus has become a pictorial symbol of the tragedy, I believe this doll has also.

Allen - 2009-05-04 00:20:30

I agree with Matt.

Suzanne - 2009-05-13 01:39:46

No animal on none of the pics. Where have they gone? Is there anything alive there? Frightening.

C.S. - 2009-05-30 18:18:13

A dead doll... Sad and scary...

psyche - 2010-01-19 19:44:44

not just dead...DECOMPOSING!

Cory and Natalie - 2011-02-21 02:51:38

Such eyes...the things this doll has seen...

mina - 2011-04-06 23:09:40

wow.. those eyes looks very real.. amazing pic. best regards.

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