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Jose Manuel - 2009-01-04 02:18:17

Hello, I'm Jose Manuel Carranza ... I write from Nicaragua. The history of this city to hit me while I am very interested in knowing more about it, apart from being a ghost town is a beautiful city, I like to be able to know some day, I wish her luck friend JM

vero - 2009-03-30 15:46:02

Hi Jose Manuel. It's able to see that, cause some travel agencies organize trips to Czarnobyl. Good luck ;) Rgds. Veronica (Poland)

IAmMe - 2012-05-31 19:00:50

Seems that the tree picked a good place to grow...top floor of the building...right where the sun comes in. Although, its wonderful that vegetation is growing abound, its still sad knowing that the civilization that once was is no longer or will be for hundreds or thousands of years more.

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