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zillya - 2011-02-04 13:05:43

Translation of upper text: Civil Defense Signals: 1. air-raid warning 2. radiation danger 3. chemical warning 4. cancel of air-raid warning Translation of lower text: School teachers much teach children the rules of using personal protection and to respond to Civil Defense signal.

mina - 2011-04-06 22:15:10

wow... @zillya: thanks for your translations, are very important to count this story.. i really appreciate it, as i think that others too... Do you know what should be inside the little cans? like enough oxigen to keep them alive for a while?

Thierry from reactor4 - 2011-04-06 22:22:30

these cans are not filled with oxigne, those are filters filled with filtermaterial... donno about these ones but in the old days filtercans where somethimes filled with asbestos fibres...

mina - 2011-04-06 22:31:39

oOoOhh.. interesting...

Hesper - 2011-04-28 18:06:58

so they were prepared for disasters to strike - just not in the massiveness disaster struck when that reactor blew itself up... thank you zillya for translating, it adds a lot of depth to the images!

IAmMe - 2012-05-30 22:24:39

I would think they all would have been trained and prepared in case something happened like what did. Seeing that the city was built for those that worked in the nuclear plant and their families I would think so. Creepy though.

chelek - 2012-08-31 08:52:00

They have been prepared in case of nuclear bomb from USA.

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