TERRA-P dosimeter from Ecotest is based on the professional dosimeter-radiometer TERRA used as the armament for the Ukrainian army, and enjoys popularity among many different countries of the world. The household model with built-in clock and alarm clock is light, compact, easy-to-use, with ergonomic design, and is intended to control gamma and beta radiation types.

A few images of famous spots into the zone with my very own Terra-P dosimeter...

With construction of reactor 5 and 6 on the background the Terra-P measure 0.90 µSv/h.

With construction of the cooling towers of reactor 5 and 6 on the background the Terra-P measure 0.89 µSv/h.

With the long building of reactor 1 -2 -3 and 4 on the background the Terra-P measure 1.01 µSv/h.

With reactor 4 at 30 meters away the Terra-P measure 4.04 µSv/h.
Further down at 20 meters the Terra-P showed up to 6.00 µSv/h.

This is the most contaminated place i've met during my 2 days, a square meter of moss at 50 meters from the famous Ferris wheel, the Terra-P measure 16.22 µSv/h.

The famous Ferris wheel on the background didn't make my Terra-P very exuberant (as i was), he measure 0.89 µSv/h.


With the rusty shipyard on the background the Terra-P measure 0.17 µSv/h.

Just an old toy from one of the children's daycarecenters in Pripyat, the Terra-P measure 0.63 µSv/h.

The village Kopachi is the nearest to the powerplant, 1114 inhabitants lived there and where evacuated on 03.05.1986
to the Barysjivski district of Kiev, now the houses are buried in the ground, the Terra-P measure 0.30 µSv/h.

The famous shipyard, i'm standing on top of the longest boat of the lake, the Terra-P measure 0.11 µSv/h.

Just at the side of the huge unfinished cooling tower i've found a small rock, the Terra-P measure 352.30 µSv/h.
(equivalent to 1175 times the maximum natural radiation)


Reactor4.be => my own experience with the Terra-P is simple! It gave me the feeling of safety in a contaminated area as the 30-K zone of Chernobyl. It is as light and compact as a cellphone and very easy to use. It gave me the possibility to walk with no fear of beeing contaminated in the 30KM-zone. The Terra-P did not only his job in the 30KM-zone but also here at home, you get suprised with some of the measurements that will show up in your neighbourhood.

For your own safety we advise you...